Hello Hey – I called up earlier about a gaming headset I wanted to put aside. ah that was you yeah Yeah, what was the was the name again? Ah its BEN B E N Ben thank you. All right. Here it is Yeah, that’ll be three hundred seventy dollars cash or credit? ahhh cash, if thats okay? yep thats good one. two. three. ahhh there it is… So it was 370? 370… Here we go errr This is fake money this is not real money. Well its money… so This money specifically this is money for monopoly it actually say monopoly on it Let’s let’s not split hairs. Money’s money. I mean if I came in with American dollars you’d accept that, right? Well American dollars is real currency for America We’re in New Zealand Where the legal tender is New Zealand Dollars? Exactly, right? So it’s all – moral a story. It’s all real money. This is money It’s real so I’m gonna I’m gonna call the cops What?! I’m calling the police you’re threatening to call the police just because a Consumer wants to purchase some goods from your establishment. You want to purchase goods with fake money? That’s that’s fraudulent that theft that’s – you can’t do that. I’m calling. What are you doing? I’m calling the cops to hopefully get you kicked out if not, banned okay Okay, so you are saying you’re trying to tell me that my money isn’t good here. That is exactly what I’m telling you Unbelievable. I am a paying customer paying with monopoly money Yes. Hello. Yes. I’d like to report a theft please. Corinthian Drive – Playtech. Yeah, he’s still here Absolutely outrageous The thief is still here I can’t believe you’re actually doing this you are infringing upon my rights as a consumer You are literally insane. You can’t just walk into a real store with fake money and purchase goods the world It doesn’t work like that here we go again with the fake money nonsense. Look this is legal tender, you know how I know that because it says Legal tender that’s handwritten I can see the pen you made a mistake you’re getting bogged down in details mate who wrote it is irrelevant The point is it’s written. legal tender. It’s it literally says it on there. It’s legal tender. You have to take it I guess we’re going to see what the cops say when they show up. Yeah, I guess we will it’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be great Its mine. Its mine. Its not yours Hello gentlemen what seems to be the issue here? Well, this gentleman is attempting to purchase this product with fake money with monopoly money This gentleman is trying to stop me from making a completely legal purchase of one gaming headset with some legal tender Sir that’s a it’s not legal tender What so you’re trying to tell me that real notes With actual numbers on them isn’t real tender. Sir that’s ahh monopoly money. It’s not legal New Zealand tender Ah-ha-ah-ha trapped ya – gotcha, this isn’t monopoly money It is monopoly New Zealand Edition money ergo therefore visa vee legal tender Sir I have to ask you to leave the premises now. Otherwise I will have to arrest you Oh, yeah, and what are you gonna do? Like I just said I’m gonna arrest you. Yeah, right Okay. Well, what about this? What about this little Rhetorical adventure. What if say one of these was to fall into your pocket? Just hold it, just see how it feels in your hand Yeah, no difference. It’s just monopoly money. No, what if Two of these would have fall into your pocket. Are you trying to bribe me sir? No I’m not trying to bribe you. I’m just I’m more trying to just buy my way out of getting in trouble, sir I’m gonna have to ask you to accompany me to the station You can’t do that. You cannot do that. You are infringing upon my right. If you dont stop now I will have to use force Outrageous no wait stop this is outrageous. No, wait, wait wait, you can’t arrest me because I have this Chance Get-out-of-jail-free This card may be kept until needed traded or sold hmm I’m sorry, sir. No, that’s quite all right. You weren’t to know I wasn’t to know but I didn’t mean to disturb you No that’s quite all right, it’s good. All right, so I’ll give you that and I’ll make a legal purchase Of this gaming headset Good day I’m sorry sir. I couldn’t be of any more Okay. See ya right. Bye Sorry, sir. I couldn’t be of any more help here This is a legally binding document the chance card. So I’m gonna have to ummm let you get back to your duties and In the meantime, I’m gonna have to confiscate this Cuz its some police evidence, okay What For the subtle man or woman for the bold man – or woman For the cold man or woman viva la dirt league apparel for men or woman