Hi it’s a Lalita Devi and I have
fantastic news about a planet of Love Beauty, Creativity and Wealth and that is
Venus and Venus who is about to enter its sign of exaltation which means Venus
in the sign of Jupiter a planet of Optimism, Inspiration and Expansion Venus
will become magnified so everything related to Venus Relationships, Beauty
Wealth, Luxury and anything that regards women anything that regards the artistic
world poultry will be magnified your life will become more beautiful and if
you’ve been chanting “Shreem Brzee” whether you’re in a program with dr. Pillai
Babaji or on your own now is it’s your chance between March 2nd and March 26
that’s both Eastern Time and Pacific Time and also in India so same days in
India as well and this is when your practice of Shreem Brzee will become
amazing you won’t have as many doubts you will feel that this is possible that
this is happening that you have changed your poverty thinking or scarcity
thinking which is so pervasive most people on the planet have it and they
work very very hard and maybe they don’t even earn enough money to buy food and
to have a home etc so this is a wonderful thing happening for everyone.
so “Shreem Brzee” is going to be very powerful and Goddess Lakshmi would be
more present on the earth plane and also love will become more
pervasive all pervasive and like a human a human love is always kind of limited
but Venus in Pisces makes you think of the bigger picture
love for all devotion amazing deep love that is not just for sensual pleasures
it’s a very expanded kind of love so don’t miss this time and particularly
the day when Venus move which is March 2nd and on that day you can wear white
clothes clean clothes new clothes and or pink clothes and do your practice
do your Shreem Brzee practice close your eyes and practice Shreem Brzee and also you
can recite the mantra for Venus which is “OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA” “OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA”
and you have until the end of the month until the 26th to connect with Venus
Goddess Lakshmi and hope for the best expected the best, have faith in the divine
that your situation will change and you get a love in the wealth that you need
in your life. Dr. Pillai is always interested in giving us the 200% life
because just being an ascetic or just being wealthy is not going to do it we
won’t revolve and we want to be also enjoying life on this earth plane so I
wish you all the best for this this transit and enjoy and I’ll see you soon
thank you so much for watching