We’re in VIENNA! We travel, to find more of ourselves.. Let’s see what we can uncover in the most livable place on Earth! But first, the basics! And by basic, I mean a Sachertorte an apple strudel and a Viennese coffee. Speaking of coffee The Austrians claim that the Italians stole the Cappuccino from them here, they call it a Melange. the Sachertorte is the most popular Viennese desert and you’ll find it everywhere. As for these two We just got them because we needed some color in the shot. Nonetheless we enjoyed our quick stop time to go. St. Stephen’s marks the city center This is basically their symbol of freedom during the war, the entire thing got bombed especially the rooftop was completely gone as it went up in flames Because people love it so much, donations started flooding in Austrians aren’t afraid to show their love for the city with their wallets The place got rebuilt immediately! The interior has a similar feel to other European cathedrals the view from the top is pretty decent but to be honest, the climb isn’t worth it. This is not an easy climb guys, stop hitting the wieners down there, the beer.. Greatness comes from withstanding the tests of time and the Empire, well.. they built for greatness. Austrians take great pride in their palaces the most important one is the Schönbrunn this place is big! it has its own garden, its own zoo, a maze and a labyrinth and over 1000 rooms This is where Austria’s most beloved couple, Franz and Sisi lived When they were not fooling around in the gardens, they were here. This is the Hofburg palace home to one of the most powerful families to ever rule in Europe the imperial family spent their winters here and the summers at Schönbrunn part of the Hofburg is also the majestic Spanish Riding School Before we move on to another objective let’s take a snack break! Apparently, this Trzesniewski place is the Viennese version of fast-food The open sandwiches have a cult-like following and they are usually joined by a tiny beer called a Pfiff Anywhere you look in Vienna the buildings tell their own stories. Architecture, is a lot like music and this place combines them both. We’re inside the Vienna State Opera and the interior is breathtaking. When the building was finished, people hated it so much that eventually both architects killed themselves. Today, it’s one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Ever since we arrived in Vienna We’ve been waiting to dive in their cuisine and that time is now! Although we got a lot of love for Jamie Oliver you don’t eat italian when you’re in Vienna you want to try traditional Austrian dishes that’s why we’re going to this place. Plachutta is an institution. A synonym for Viennese cuisine. they still serve the Emperor’s favorite dish: the world famous Tafelspitz it’s one of the best cuts of beef served in a clear soup we also got the salted ox tongue and the Viennese schnitzel There’s a proper way to serve the Tafelspitz First, you enjoy the beef broth in your bowl Then you spread the marrow onto a slice of toast to be enjoyed with just salt and pepper then you move on to the second course and start putting together your plate take the beef and the tongue add the vegetables, add the sauce and enjoy. pair it with a local read wine and you’re in for a treat. The wine at Plachutta made us thirsty for more and we know just the right place. How about a tour of the second largest wine collection in Europe?! It’s underneath this place: Coburg Palace Deep in the caverns of Palais Coburg’s cellar rests a collection of about 60,000 bottles valued at over 21 million dollars This is as close to heaven as wine lovers can get Guides and Wine Tastings, led by professional sommeliers, guide you through the 6 cellars each with its own theme: France New World Old world YQUEM Champagne and Rare Wines the collection has been lauded as one of the best in the world you don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy this it’s a sensory experience which will elevate your trip to Vienna the most expensive bottle they sold was a 6-Liter Latour Imperial for over 200,000 dollars The restoration of the Palace was completed in 2003 and now, apart from this amazing wine collection, it boasts 34 Luxury Suites and a two Michelin Star Restaurant making it a “Must” for any sophisticated traveler. As for this bottle of vintage Dom they’ve been offered 20,000 EUR and refused to sell. All in all, it felt more like an Art Gallery than anything else. time to call it a day. You guys always ask us where to stay when traveling this time, we chose The Guest House It feels like home, it has all the right vibes and you kinda feel like a rock-star when in it plus, it’s in the heart of Vienna You know how most hotels feel the same? well.. this one’s different. it feels sexy and informal. It’s more like your millionaire friend left you the keys to his Vienna apartment We love it. There’s so much more to see in this city! You can ride the famous Ferris Wheel at Prater Park or.. spend the day admiring the largest Klimt collection at Belvedere Palace If you’re visiting during the holidays like we did you can’t miss the Christmas markets we recommend the one at the top of The Ritz hotel If you don’t feel like it you could always spend the day shopping in the Goldenes Quartier Vienna, is one of those amazing cities where you will enjoy getting lost and every time you come back you’ll uncover something different which you somehow missed before Thanks for watching our second travel video! If you’re new here, click over there to Subscribe If you haven’t seen the first one, click over there and let us know, in the comments, where we should go next! Can you believe you can buy MOET Bottles at a Hot-Dog Stand? Cheers!