Vishnupati is the time that Vishnu, the God
of wealth gives you material boons. It happens when the Sun enters a fixed sign, four times
in a year. I personally connected my soul with Vishnu
and I had to do this and it took place in a miraculous way, besides my own attempts
to do something. I have been teaching for quite some time and
I am concerned with the results that people get from my teachings and I am committed to
one thing that is providing material needs and comforts to people through the practices
that I teach. It was not until that I came in touch, my soul came in to touch with Vishnu
that I could see very dramatic results. If you need dramatic results in your material
wealth you will have to go to Vishnu and Vishnupati is a day that he gives boons to people who
come to him, because he is the God of wealth and material prosperity.
Because of my special association with Vishnu, I felt compelled to do this video clip for
you because it also my own birth star day for this year, for all practical purposes
it is also my birthday. So this energy that happens on this Vishnupati
is very very powerful, so I am going to personally get involved in this Vishnupati myself and
bless you all with prosperity so observe this Vishnupati whenever that happens and whenever
Sun enters an earth sign, but don’t miss this particular one because it is an extremely
extremely powerful Vishnupati day it is when he can directly involve and then change things
around. This is the Golden Age, the Golden Age human
beings will see the limitations of their rationality of their ego which have been a stumbling block
for them to get beyond their limitations and approach to the higher powers particularly
Gods to help them. And now a new vortex has been opened that we will be able to get beyond
our ego and rationality and acknowledge the great help that is available from Vishnu.
So on this Vishnupati day, I want to extend my blessings and well wishes for all of you
to have a comfortable life.