WAYNE DYER ☯ when Siddhartha who was Buddha as a
young man was going through his experiences of learning about
enlightenment as a young man he was fasting for a great period of time and
his friend’s name was Govinda and Govinda and Siddhartha traveled all over
the countryside Siddhartha had been a prince and he had never known anything
about suffering and he left when he found out that there was such a thing as
suffering out there in the world and he wanted to find out how to transcend
suffering how to go beyond it and when he was fasting and had been fasting for
some 50 days and his friend Govinda looked at him and he said Siddhartha he
said what good is fasting and Siddhartha looked back at him and said Govinda I
can laugh at hunger do you know how profound a statement that is I can laugh
at hunger what he was saying is there is that which is hungry there is hunger but
I the I that is God the I that is connected to the divine perfect loving
source can look at that and laugh at it I am no longer that and therefore it is
just in the physical domain but who I am something much greater and much grander
than that that’s the power of attraction you can attract purity to your life it’s
why I put such an emphasis on on drinking water for healing it’s
interesting that when the Kahuna’s talk about this God force they always equate
it with water water flows water goes here water has no boundaries
this energy is always thought of as water like I spend a lot of time in
Hawaii I spoke with several of the Kahuna’s who had descended from a long
line of healers and I talked to them about healing and when how it works
and how come some people have this ability to heal and other people don’t
and they explained it to me like this very intriguing they said that the life
force is really electrical in nature or water like in nature only water we can
see electrical still flows the same way only we just can’t see it with our eyes
and this one great Kahuna said to me he said being able to heal is nothing more
than having an energy within you that is stronger than the energy of the person
who believes they can’t all you have to do is have that energy be stronger than
that and he said between your thoughts and any place on your body that you feel
needs to be healed I can ache or a pain or disease or a
boil or a headache or a backache or a cut or just a plain disease process of
some kind that is located in a specific place in your body and you know where it
is he said between your thoughts and that place in your body there’s a
current and the current is like an electrical current and he’s waiting I
was writing this down it was so fascinating and he said that current has
charges and these charges travel along that career and between your thoughts
and that place on your body you can place what they call shadowy substances
that will heal that substance or that disease or that pain and the way that it
works is that what you place along that current is your will and your will is in
the form of thoughts and this energy that I’m talking about this power of
Attraction is really the power of your ability to think it is your thoughts
which are not in the physical world I mean you can’t get ahold of them it is
the power that you have to think it is that power and you can harness that
power and place it along according to these healers you can place it along
this current in the form of these shadowy substances
or waves and you can literally visualize or picture it going from your thought to
that place and you just keep that current filled with the will of healing
and that’s he said it’s how it works and I must say that you know some people
have given me a lot more credit and so on than I believe that I personally
deserve in the in this area of healing and so on but when somebody comes to me
whose belief in me is stronger than their own disbelief in themselves I find
I can help them it isn’t me Wayne Dyer the physical body that is here it’s this
energy of knowing that healing is possible and that it’s in every one of
us and that healing energy is something that all of us have and that by putting
your hands on or just convincing somebody or just letting them know that
I have such a strong belief in you that you can be healed that that has a
tendency to transcend the negativity that is the disease process and that it
isn’t some magical faith healing kind of thing at all I mean if you read the work
of Bernie Siegel if you read Deepak Chopra and you read Dean Ornish and many
of these people medical people who are talking about the mind-body connection
they’re really talking about a strong sense of connecting to the Chi or the
prana which is just the energies are just another word for that energy for
that God force and knowing that it’s in you to be able to put along this current
this healing capacity and Kahuna’s did this and that’s how they worked as he
explained it to me now there’s a whole lot of training and so on that goes with
it but I find it very intriguing when I think about this word attraction and
being able to attract and this concept of energy there was a poem by a Sufi
poet his name is roomie lived a thousand years ago in what is today Afghanistan
Rumi had a poem that really reflects what I’m talking about here it’s called
the seed market like to share it with you as we talk about this energy he says
can you find another market like this where with one rose you can buy hundreds
of rose gardens where for one seed you get a whole wilderness for one week
breath a divine wind you’ve been fearful of being absorbed in
the ground or drawn up by the air now your water bead lets go and drops into
the ocean where it came from it no longer has the format’ head but it’s
still water the essence is the same this giving up is not a repenting it’s a deep
honoring of yourself when the ocean comes to you as a lover Mary at once
quickly for God’s sakes don’t postpone it existence has no better gift no
amount of searching we’ll find this a perfect Falcon for no reason has landed
on your shoulder and become yours so this force this healing energy this
invisible attraction that we want to use to bring something into our lives is the
same power that you have that allows you to process exactly what I’m saying right
this minute it’s almost like you have to do a somersault into the unimaginable
you have to think of yourself as not only having a physical body but as
having an energy body as well if you take your arm and you stick it out in
front of you straight you’ll see there’s about however long your arms are there’s
that much distance between your trunk and how far
out your hand extends and you move that hand above you and behind you and all
around you that distance is an energy body that is always with you and the
Sorcerer’s talked about this energy body as being something that is assembled
around you and this is a foreign concept to all of you cookie thieves out there
it’s a foreign concept that one is already I can hear you out there
listening in your car saying wait a second what is these he flipped out what
is he talking about an energy body and yet when you begin to see that this
energy body if someone gets too close to you if someone is talking to you and
they stay about here you’re pretty comfortable aren’t you it’s okay if I
stay about an arm’s length away but if I get in here and if I get in here and
begin talking to you there’s a discomfort and this discomfort is not
because you’re so fragile but because the energy body of yours has been broken
the boundary has been broken and that boundary according to the Kahuna’s that
invisible energy that surrounds you the great teachers the teachers of Castaneda
and people like that Don Juan Mateus and inaugural Julian these people talked
about an assemblage point of energy that this energy is assembled around you and
where it is assembled around you determines your agreement with reality
and in order to shift your agreement with reality which is what I’m asking
you to do in this program to shift your agreement with a reality that says I
don’t have this divine capacity I can’t tap into that energy it’s not within me
it’s out there someplace it is not me and as you begin to tap into this you
learn how to shift this Assembly’s point of energy and when you can shift that
Assembly’s point somewhere in back of you when you can just shift it your
perception shifts it’s very much like what happens when you’re in a dream
and everything is just as crystal clear as it could be in this dream you might
be composing you might be writing something you might be giving a talk
you might who knows what it is that you’re doing but it’s just every word
just seems to flow and you just seem to be in harmony you might be flying it
might be just a perfect moment and then you wake up and you can’t recapture it
and you think gee I can only do that when I’m sleepy but I want to tell you
that if you learned to tap into this energy body and that’s what this
meditation does when you learn the manifesting meditation what happens is
you shift the assemblage point of energy in your body and in your life and you do
a somersault into what was previously the unimaginable and what happens is
that you begin to see yourself as someone who has much greater power than
you ever thought you had before someone who can do things that you’ve been told
you can’t do someone who can be in more than one place perhaps at the same time
like you are when you’re in your dream someone who can change shape like you do
when you’re in your dream someone who can be young or old Don Juan in his
training in his early training nan Wan Mateus in his earliest training had to
dress as a woman for two years and disguised himself as a woman and never
ever be found out if he was ever found out he had to start the two years over
just to prove that he had the capacity to disguise himself just to have that
energy of being able to be male or female to know that that’s not something
that’s separate from you but that you have that this ability to have someone
come at you that you don’t want to see you and to make yourself invisible to
them through the use of your energy body these are all things that we think I’ll
come on we can’t do that were you coming off with that stuff your
cookie please because you’re stuck in believing there’s only one dimension of
reality and it is the reality that your senses process and Percy
and you don’t understand yet that there are other dimensions of reality and you
can at least peer into them and if you want to do more than just peer into them
you can wander into them