Welcome to Landria Onkka on YouTube here to help you break through those fears and live an awesome life I’m gonna supply the tools for you to manifest anything Wow, okay, we know about quantum physics now we know about all of the stuff going on out there Why aren’t we using it? So I want to talk about? being broke and Spirituality do they go together? And if so, why? Why are so many spiritual people broke are they? I don’t know. Yeah, actually I do I Have of course had my channel for probably about five years Going on five years and I can tell you right now that a great deal of spiritual people are broke and struggling But here’s great news. We have people like Neale Donald Walsch who was homeless we have Eckhart Tolle who was homeless same thing struggling and many many other spiritual teachers out there who were in very difficult situations and Just regular people out there who are struggling. Why is it that spiritual people seem to be in those situations? Here’s good news Spirituality is not connected to being broke Being broke is connected being spiritual in other words many of our species Will not seek the inner self until they get to a place where they’ve lost absolutely everything in the material world alright now what happens is there’s a total release a total release of the eco and trying to control things or Seeking outside itself to try and be happy. So when all of that gets released these people will often go into that place where Spirituality kicks in because there nothing else right? So when you broke on the street, what else do you have to do? But say this isn’t working and so thus you have the opportunity to go into that spiritual place I want you to know that when you go into a spiritual place and if you’re flourishing It doesn’t mean you’re gonna be broke. All right, in fact, it’s the opposite in fact Well, I would probably guess to say that Eckart’s of multi-millionaire and Neale Donald Walsch I’m sure is a millionaire at this point and many of the other spiritual teachers not because they’re choosing that not because they were Going after the money because they let go of that and then of course flourished because of it then all of a sudden the gateways to abundance open and of course when they’re at that point when if you’re Truly awakened. It doesn’t matter to you anymore. It’s not what you seek it doesn’t make you happy because you know because you’ve been in that place where you had Nothing and could find that peace when they went into that spiritual place that peace Showed up when there was nothing out here and then they got it so the good news is that when you do go to that dark night of the soul or You lose everything or you’re broke and you’re finally saying, oh my gosh, I can’t take this anymore. What am I doing wrong? So many of you said to me in your comments, what am I doing wrong? And I said You know, first of all, you’re overthinking everything and they think that there’s some thing you’re doing wrong You’re not doing anything wrong other than trying to fix Whatever’s going on in here through the material world Somebody in Canada was saying, you know, I’m trying to you know do all the right things for the with the world and as far as pollution all this stuff and They’re doing this and they’re doing in this of course, we’re always looking outside of what they’re doing It has to start in here. So if you’re not in a place of struggle yet Then you do not have to go to that dark place To release everything now It’s it’s difficult sometimes because when things are great And you got the car and the house and you can go shop and do whatever you want Pastor Chuy’s in the back burner all I’ll take a vacation and go manifest something or meditate for a week and then I’ll go to my spiritual self and it becomes almost like a Hobby, it’s this fun thing that you do on the side. And this is why there are great benefits to the struggle of Really going to that dark place and I think I I don’t know. I think probably everybody I haven’t met anybody who hasn’t gone to that place on some level where they just Whether they have money or not have said, you know, this isn’t working anymore. That’s a beautiful place to go, but it’s painful Nobody wants to go there, right? So don’t go there if you really truly in Every but if you do you need to great that but if you truly want to find that spiritual place Practice every day is required or you will be pulled away by the seemingly material world, which is not at all there is nothing, that is real that we’re seen it’s all a Manifestation and you can change it at any point Now if you’re on a higher frequency, guess what you’re gonna change it for the positive You will make a difference on this planet. You will start to clean up the pollution we can actually do that as A unified body of one of which we are when we focus on that and then we stick make our own personal choices everybody changes so you Affect the other people by making your own tire choices and not blaming them anymore But sending that that light and love out there this does work. This does work tweet You can create rain we can do anything we desire Especially as a unified field. So what do we need to do? Then in order to create these amazing? This world that that’s possible it starts here So you must go to that higher frequency that higher place of peace not looking to the outside world Putting self service in the back burner and service to others first and then all the abundance will flow to you But you can’t do that hoping to get things Then your intentions are being put out to the universe that that’s self service. So I’m going to serve others to get things for myself You cannot hide anything from the universe because you are it you’re looking at yourself alright broke people Can go to the most amazing awesome place because there’s no place else to go. Everything’s been yanked. And guess what? You only got you and you got to say why am I here? Why did I go to this dark place? It was a freaking gift that you will Absolutely look back and say if I had not lost all of all of everything, you know, my you know, whatever it is It’s material usually material world Many times it’s a loss of a loved one If you haven’t lost all these things, then you can’t look at it and realize you’ve lost absolutely nothing Because what you are right now isn’t all these things It’s the story in our head that tells us that those things are our happiness And when we separate that when we get to look at that and realize okay, I’m super unhappy, you know And I don’t have anything so of course it real I’ve realized on the outside world now when you release it then you will be you can go into a blissful place without the things and then you get it and you’ll be Now don’t forget. I have a monthly webinar. You can go on Landry Okay Calm or down here and see what I’m teaching each month and you can join me for three hours live and we actually in the live class do things we manifest we hit all the things that are our negative points for us and then we go into switching over and by the time I get done with you, we actually check that again and Pretty much everybody on the call has told me they’ve had some transformation and then you have to keep that practice up and this is how you Stay out of the poverty and stay out of the suffering and then when you get into that state of awakening You’re no longer focused on the worried. I don’t have it. And so that that’s released So what happens you feel abundant and happy so abundance and happiness flows to you instead of God I don’t have this that I’m unhappy That’s the message you’re giving to the quantum field and it’s like how do I get out of this, right? You go into an awakened state meditate take meditate meditate why it shuts down the thinking it trains you it may be tough for you, but I have meditations Guided ones. My favorite is the last one I did which is Connect to the quantum field Remember all this stuff. It’s all good. It’s all good It’s taking you to a higher place your whole perfect strong powerful. Loving harmonious and happy Join me in one of my courses go check it out use my tools. I had a lot of free stuff Manifest it in five steps is down here. You can sign up that’s free you get codes for discounts on all of my stuff I want you to just practice practice go use what you need. I’m here for you. I love you namaste