Good evening people. I hope you are
enjoying the videos so far on wealth creation, and I hope it’s blessing
somebody, it’s helping somebody to understand what wealth creation is about.
Erm..this evening I want to talk about another tip, and this is Purpose.
Purpose is so so important. Anything that doesn’t have a purpose is
bound to be abused and this is why we have men who beat up their wives because
the purpose of a wife is unknown, they don’t know the purpose of a wife and so
they beat her up. If a man knew that his wife is supposed to be cherished,
protected, and treasured he wouldn’t beat up his wife. If he knew that his wife is
bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh, he wouldn’t beat up his wife so you see
what I mean. Purpose, it’s very important for us while we are thinking of creating
wealth that it has a purpose. We’ve got to have a plan, once we’ve got a plan
we’ve got to put action to it. Once we put the actions in there, before all of
that in fact we’ve got to know the purpose of this wealth because if wealth
comes and we don’t have a purpose it flies out the window. Let me read
something to you about what I found about Purpose
especially when we’re talking about wealth. In 1997 Billy Bob Harold jr.
wasted 31 million dollars won in the Texas Lottery two years after winning it
he committed suicide. He purchased cars, real estate, gave monies away, and after
his death it was clear that there was not enough money left to pay the taxes.
Victoria Zell jointly won eleven million dollars jackpot with her husband in 2001
but today is serving in a prison in Minnesota. She was convicted in March
2005 of drug and alcohol induced collision that killed somebody, all the
money was gone. Can you imagine a person having eleven million dollars?
I say eleven million dollars is too much even. Give me one. Any money I achieve or
attain has a purpose, I know where it’s going, like I always say, I want to build
houses for the poor, orphanages, hospitals schools. Your money has got to have
purpose otherwise you’ll squander it. Do you get my drift? so you must have it at the
back of your mind, what is the wealth I’m trying to create for? is it for me to
squander because if it is you don’t have the right mindset and the money will fly
away. Money in the hands of a drug pusher is drug money, and it is of no use, it
doesn’t do anybody any good but money in the hands of somebody who
wants to do work for the kingdom of God or who wants to serve humanity in the
right way always goes so far but let me leave this with you. When we’re talking
about wealth and money, money which you put into the gospel of Jesus Christ is
always good money. In fact you are bound to reap eternal rewards.
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leave that with you. Remember, make sure your wealth has a purpose.
Alright then, have a great day – bye.