Hello friends, this is Grace and I’m back
again with wealth creation before I go into today’s topic I just want to remind
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you’ve really enjoyed and you’ve learned something from what I’ve
shared with you so far this evening I want to share with you on time
management. What is time management? time management
is the effective use of time now can I just say at this point I’ve never met a
poor person who knows how to manage their time
neither have I met a rich person who wastes time. Time management is knowing
what to do at every point in time. How to go about it ,when to do it, who to do it
with, it’s all in time management . When you wake up on a daily basis what are
the things that come to your mind? do you just get up and think of how you’re
going to spend the day? I mean nothing wrong with that if you’ve got it all
together, you’ve got all the money in the world you don’t need to work what I’m
talking about is if you’ve got a destiny laid out in front of you and you know
what you want to do in life, what if that comes to your mind
in the morning what are your plans? because if you wake up in the morning
and just jump off the bed and you don’t think of anything in particular that you
want to do with the day it just goes like the wind you’ve got to
have a plan. Time management will inform every decision you make, it will inform
the decision to go shopping if you’re a lady like me, it will inform your
decision to go out partying or go to your friend’s house, it will inform every
decision even the decision to sit down in front of TV watching every soap that
comes on. Time management is very crucial. Show me somebody who wastes time and
I’ll show you somebody who’s going nowhere look at it this way, if you go to
work and you spend nine hours at work that’s your life you’re spending. Life is
time so if you can’t point to anything that you’ve done to make your life
better at the end of each day and you’ve done that day in day out for 30 days
making a month and you do that for 365 days making a year friend you are
wasting a lifetime. Listen to this, I got this from my pastor, he says take time to
work it is the price of success; take time to think, it is the source of power;
take time to read, it is the foundation of knowledge; take time to love,
it is the music of the soul; take time to be cautious,
it is the walk of a gentleman take time to pray, it is the Christians vital
breath. So there you go I’m just gonna leave you with that.
Ponder over this time management see where you can save time, see where you
can make make things better in your life where can you put your time to use that
will bring better results, what are the connections you have? seek them out, ask
for counsel and life will be better so I hope I’ve said something that helps you
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