When you have pure energy then you don’t
have to sweat. The whole idea of sweat, you have to sweat
in order to get things done, came at a later point of time. Even according to the Bible, God did not want
Adam and Eve to sweat. They figured out a way to sweat. It’s not a good idea to sweat at all. Everything can happen just right at the emergence
of this idea- things can happen. That’s how in heaven, in other planets,
other galaxy, things happen just by thinking about it. But here it is so convoluted. You have to strategise. You have to lie. Yes? You have to do so many things in order to
accomplish things. You have to be nice to people. Although you don’t want to be. Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. She is eternally smiling. She is refusing to accept anything that is
not happiness. She wants the best of everything. She is the embodiment of it. The best clothes, the best jewelry, the best-everything
best is represented by Lakshmi. She doesn’t compromise on anything at all. It’s easy to focus on her. It’s easy to talk to her. It’s not convoluted. It’s very, very easy. You have her statue here. You can have a big picture of her. You can talk to her right away. You don’t need any training whatsoever. Your problem starts when you begin to doubt,
whether it is my own mind, how do I know whether it is from the Goddess and not from somewhere
else. It’s not as difficult as it seems to be. It’s the easiest, you know and God understands
every language. It’s not necessary that you should talk
in Hebrew or Latin or Sanskrit. You can even speak in Mayan language, he will
understand. The response will come immediately. The once it’s comes, just act on it. That’s what it is. Because these Goddesses are totally I charge
of this earth plane. You can go to her and say, ‘Hey, I need
money everyday’ and you have to be very honest, ‘I need money everyday’. You should not think it’s wrong to ask the
Goddess for money every day when so many people are suffering, maybe I am greedy-these thoughts
should not be there. These are all human fabrications. Now I am asking money so that I can donate. That’s again convolution because you are
justifying within yourself that money is wrong and it can become right if you donate. See? So the convolution is there. So you are trying to look good-‘So I don’t
want money for myself. Why do you have to give this explanation? You are trying to cover up because you feel
bad already for asking for money. The greatest contribution we have from the
yogis is how you can generate these ideas within you. Lakshmi is the idea of wealth. Say I have no desire for a home, I have no
desire for a new car, I have no desire for health and as a result of this I have no home,
I have no new car, I have no health. See, I am making it very simple because I
have not desired for a home, I don’t have a home. It’s not rocket science. It’s very, very simple. I have not desired for a nicer car, so I don’t
have a car. I have not desired for new clothes or new
shoes or new furniture, and then I don’t have it. Now, I have the technology to give you everything
that you want and the technology comes from this Goddess. It’s very simple.