hey what’s going on my name is craig and
today I decided to create a quick video and give you my wealthy affiliate
review. today’s November fourth 2011 and I joined the wealthy affiliate
way back on April 2nd 2007 so I’ve been a member for over four years now during the years that I’ve been a member i’ve
seen many people and friends succeed but i’ve also seen many people give up and
leave Now I’m guessing because you’re watching this video
you want to know if wealthy affiliate will work for you and what exactly is in inside members
area one of the most common questions i can
asked is will I make money if I join wealthy affiliate well, the only person who can answer that
question is the person who’s asking it wealthy affiliate has all the tools and
resources and help you need to become successful but what they don’t have is a big red
magic pbutton that you can press and it will go out and do all the work for you to become successful in anything in
life it takes time and knowledge and hard work so if you’re willing to spend the time
learning and building a business then yes wealthy affiliate can work for you but if you were just looking for that
big red magic button then I’m affriad you’re not going to find inside wealthy affiliate now i wanted to give you a quick were
review of all the tools and resources inside the members area but there’s so many things this video
would probably go on for an hour so I’m going to create some other short
videos and upload them to the same video channel you can also find more videos about
wealthy affiliate at my blog wealthyaffiliateuni.com plus I have a special bonus offer for
people who sign up for wealthy affiliate via my affiliate link i have one day to see you inside the
wealthy affiliate but in the meantime if you have any questions, you can contact
me on my blog anytime or you can also contact me on facebook