listen to this wealthier c_e_o_s wanna force americans to retire later so if there was this ridiculous silly
commission called like the commission affix the debt or something that all of the c_e_o_s were on a couple
months ago and they pretended to do some
high-minded like fact-finding where there are taylor
what we did in those algorithm in wwii crushed his number and we were able to attend at certainly that you know it’s again the we’re gonna
have to go ahead and raise uh… does social security
agent hurt i manage we don’t want to do it we are just saying we did the math
than it looks like we have to do it right so they pretended to be
high-minded in doing it in reality of course these
are just uh… these are just wealthy hacks that one a squeeze everywhere who are
telling you that they possibly can and they don’t want you to be able to retire
within enough com for so now there’s this is a new uh…
c_e_o_ group the business roundtable equality get
themselves the goofy pretend high-minded name and uh… there are a whole bunch of
c_e_o_’s representing the largest corporations in the nation including the biggest banks the biggest retailers and insurance
companies and they are calling to raise the
retirement age to seventy and their argument as that social
security is no longer affordable and it plans and and they plan to lobby congress and deal bon ministration to try to get
their retirement age raised and i’m scared i’m scared why am i scared because the supreme court ruled in multiple
decisions that in fact money equals free speech which means literally that the more
money you have the louder your voices so all these c_e_o_s with all the money
in the world can go ahead and lobby congress lobby obama
administration and believe you me a lot of the stuff
they want is going to become law at some point you heard it here first will probably not for spirited so uh… they also want a raise uh… the
medicare age and partially privatize the health insurance program for older
americans now here’s india the really interesting
part with some of this so there game whining about one hopefully project
isaac is a lot of people would think are well you know why don’t they want a
point right now if that’s what these guys want to do on a privatize
everything and answer that is actually very
fascinating back when medicare making were first
passed into law the business community was for it white because the insurance companies
were losing a tremendous amount of money on all these people who are not nature in somebody didn’t want to spend
money on those people so they say whatever part also the
government let them take care of it so they moved a lot of fully privatizing
’cause they know they lose more money so when you when they say they wanna they wanna semi privatizing they mean we wanna privatize the profits and
socialize the losses so you pick up the tab when granny gets too expensive when
there’s money to be made mandy’s geysers and deeply we immoral people so let me read you a quote from their
finest quote america can preserve the health and retirement safety net and rain in long-term spending growth by
modernizing medicare and social security in a way that addresses america’s new
fiscal and demographic realities that’s uh… gary love mindy chairman president
and chief executive the casino giant caesar’s entertain inc noticed though the orwellian words there
too so they say oh modernize medicare social
security any time they use one of those orwellian words modernize reform substituted with kat being mean kat they want to cut social security you
want to cut medicare so uh… one million shares the business
sprouting walls health and retirement committee said the business leaders will be
meeting with members of congress in the administration to press then to enact
their plan so narrow here is the part of the show where we take the ordinance proposed by
these ordered jokes of human beings these immoral unethical pathetic he’s wealthy c_e_o_’s and i explain to
you why what they’re saying is just factually incorrect they say social security medicare’s
going bankrupt we gotta act we have to we have to reform wink wink at me scott in reality social security is solvent
until the year twenty thirty seven and after that it pays out seventy five
percent of its benefits all you have to do to fix it is raise
the payroll tax which is six percent on only her first hundred thirteen thousand seven hundred dollars if you raise the
capital to forever so in other words leb ron james is
paying the same amount of payroll tax as uh… your local physical therapist who makes a hundred
thirteen thousand dollars they pay the exact same in payroll tax but that makes no sense of ryan james
makes infinitely more if you just failed smidgen more social security solvent and then to medicare medicare solvent
until the year twenty twenty four and after that pays out eighty seven
percent of its benefits and then all you need to do is a minor tweak in the system in terms of raising a
little bit more revenue and you’re not trauma soft these guys don’t want to do that they
want a common got those programs why because congress ran up tremendous
debts and deficits fighting two wars putting it on the
credit card having tax cuts for the richest people
in the country millionaire doing theirs and then when it comes on the balance
the budget what to do it don’t take responsibility they want their taxes raised so they come in color from the peasants from the funeral you know if the funeral society a former
commander saying okay middle class uh… lower-class you pay for it we’re
gonna run out the back door with all the money