Sarah: Hey, guys. In this video, I’m gonna be giving you three
fast hacks on how you can make more money with your AliExpress dropshipping stores. Many of you are gonna find some of these hacks
weird and surprising, especially hack number two but when I explain it to you, trust me,
it will make sense. So let’s not delay with a super long, boring
intro. Let’s just jump straight into it. Hack number one, use demo videos for huge
profits. So, of course, there are many ways that you
can drive traffic to your AliExpress dropshipping stores but one of the most effective methods
is to advertise your products with Facebook ads. Now usually, when I teach new dropshippers
how to set up their Facebook ad campaigns, I’ll focus on getting them to set up simple
image ads. Why? Well, it’s because it’s the pathway of least
resistance. It’s a lot easier to just slap an image on
an ad than to create a video. But here’s the thing, like most things in
life, if you’re willing to put in a little bit of effort, then it pays off big time. So right now, including a video with your
ad instead of an image is incredibly effective and that’s because the Facebook algorithm
is heavily favoring videos. Why? Well, because they are desperately trying
to compete with YouTube. They want a slice of that video market for
themselves. So if you use a video instead of an image,
then Facebook’s gonna reward you with cheap ads which, of course, increases your profit
margins which increases the amount of money that you make. But a lot of people don’t want to create videos
because they don’t know how to make them and they only assume that videos that look professional
will do well on Facebook. Well, believe it or not, that isn’t true. You can literally make a video by just taking
the product images from your supplier, turning them into a video slideshow, and slapping
some text over it. And if that sounds hard, it’s really not. You can even do it from your phone using a
free app called Legend. So you see, you don’t even need a camera. But, of course, if you have a camera, and
yes, if you have a smartphone, that means that you have a camera, then you can take
your ads to the next level by creating video demo ads. What’s a video demo ad? Well, it’s when you take AliExpress products
like this cool little self-stir mug here and you film either yourself or someone else using
it. Again, you might think that you need to make
these really professional but trust me, you don’t. Now, of course, I already know personally
that if you advertise this product on Facebook right, that it does incredibly well but it’s
also really well-suited for video demo ads. Now honestly, almost all of the video ads
for this mug are basically the same. This one here has the most views. It has over 9 million views and a ton of engagement. If you watch through the video, it is literally
just a close-up of someone using this mug to make iced coffee. They start out with the mug with some iced
coffee in it and then they pour into the coffee some creamer and flavor, which they got from
McDonald’s and then they press the button on the mug and make it spin. And that’s it, that’s all they do. They even bump the camera. There is no text over this. There is no music. There is no fancy background. It’s just a simple demo video made with a
cell phone and it goes for just over 30 seconds. And that little video ad has made a ton of
money for its creator so to show you just how easy it is to recreate an ad like that,
I’m going to do that for you right now, except I’m not going to bump the camera while I do
because I don’t think that’s going to improve conversions. Okay, cool. So we’ve got our little setup here. We have the cell phone on a cheap little tripod
on top of a board game. We have the self-stir mug here, which already
has some coffee in it and some ice. We have the coffee flavoring to pour into
the cup as we’re doing the video along with some milk. So let me show you just how easy it is to
make this video. [00:03:50]
[silence] [00:04:25] And that’s it. Let’s take a look at it. See? This video looks very, very similar to the
one that got 9 million views. Creating demo ads is so simple and they are
super, super effective. They are a great way to take your Facebook
ads to the next level and they don’t require any fancy equipment or any fancy editing. You just need your cell phone camera. The camera did go out of focus for a second
in the middle but it happened at the same time as the camera bump in the original so
I don’t think it should matter. Hack two, change ad budgets just after midnight. So you’ve gone ahead and you’ve made your
awesome video demo ad for your product and you’ve put it up on Facebook with an ad budget
of five dollars a day. Well, now it’s doing really well so you think,
“Oh, I want to scale this ad up. I want to increase the ad budget a bit.” Okay. When you do this, the time in which you change
your ad budget is crucial. This is actually a hack that I learnt from
my friend Fred who has been a guest on this channel multiple times. At first, I didn’t believe him but with some
testing, I realize that actually, it’s true. You want to wait until just after midnight
to change your ad budgets because if you don’t, you mess up the Facebook algorithm. You see, Facebook has a very smart algorithm
that tries to put your ad in front of the right people at the right time when they have
the highest chance of clicking it and buying it. That’s why newbies can have great success
with Facebook ads because it figures out for them who their customers are. But again, it doesn’t just figure out who
your customers are. It also figures out when they are most likely
to click on the ad and when they’re most likely to buy it, which is why changing it at the
wrong time can mess it up. What Facebook much prefers is if you change
your ad budget just after midnight so that it has a 24-hour period to spend your money
across. Well, let’s say you increased your ad budget
by five dollars. If you give it a 24-hour period, it can test
that money across that time period and then it can figure out which time performed the
best and then it can optimize your campaign around that information. Now, let’s lay it’s 6 p.m. Instead of waiting until midnight, you’re
just like, “Nope, I’m just gonna go change the ad budget right now.” Facebook is like, “Oh no, we’ve only got six
hours to spend this extra money to meet the daily ad budget.” Well, as a result, Facebook spends that money
inefficiently, which means it collects inefficient data which affects the overall optimization
of your Facebook campaign. Now, I know that waiting until midnight to
change your ad budget can be a bit of pain so here is a bonus hack for you. Set your ad account time zone to one that’s
more convenient. So let’s say that you live in Los Angeles
and you’re on Pacific Time. Well, you could instead set your ad account
time zone to be on Eastern time which is three hours ahead so instead of having to come in
just after midnight to change it, you’d be able to change it just after 9 p.m. your time
which is a much more convenient time. But of course, for Facebook, since it’s running
your ads on the Eastern Time zone, it’s the equivalent to changing it at midnight. So there you go. If you’re an early sleeper, which I’m admittedly
not, you can set your time zone to be a more convenient time. Hack three, make more money from digital products. Here’s the reality, physical products like
this mug here have much lower profit margins than digital products like eBooks and it doesn’t
take a genius to figure out why. To make these mugs, the manufacturer needs
materials, they need equipment, and they need to ship the products from China to your customers. Now, let’s compare that to digital products
like eBooks, downloadable reports, videos, and things like that. Now, what overheads do creators of these products
have? Well, there are some. There’s hosting, there’s customer support,
there’s things like that but those costs are nothing compared to the costs of manufacturing
physical products. So the creators of digital products often
have super generous affiliate programs and if you refer customers to them, they will
give you really generous affiliate commissions. And when I say generous, I mean they can give
you a 50% to 75% commission. Compare that to’s affiliate program
for physical products where the commission rate is more like 4% to 8%. So how do you make money from these digital
products? Well, of course, you start out by dropshipping
physical products. So let’s take this necklace here. It’s a zodiac necklace with the Libra sign
on it. This little necklace is really easy to sell
and has tons of dropshipping potential. So you take that necklace, you put it on your
Shopify store, you advertise it, and it starts selling like crazy. So now you’ve got a bunch of customers’ email
addresses and you know that they’re interested in numerology because they just bought an
item from you that was related to that niche. So what do you do next? Well, I’ll tell you what most dropshippers
do. They scramble to look for more physical products
to dropship to the customers that are about numerology and they don’t even consider digital
products and that would be a huge, huge mistake because, in this niche, there are some fantastic
affiliate products that you can sell to them. For example, one amazing product in this niche
is a custom numerology reading from On average, affiliates that promote this make
$26 per sale and the sales funnel for this is genius and has super high conversions. What they do is before they try to sell the
custom numerology reading, they first get potential customers to enter in their name
and their date of birth to get a free reading. Then the individual is shown a free video
customized based upon what they entered. Based upon your date of birth, you are given
a number. I put in a random date of birth there and
I was given the number 11. Well, the video then goes on to explain all
the awesome qualities that I have as an 11. Man: Your life path is calculated by simply
adding up the digits of your date of birth. Your life path number is an 11 and this tells
me a lot about you. In numerology, 11 is a Master Number. You have unmatched intelligence, intuition,
and energy that flows through you effortlessly. You inspire people without even trying and
new ideas, answers, and opportunities present themselves quickly, and often by surprise. All of this amounts to a great capacity for
invention and creation. Sarah: Whoa, I’m super intelligent, really
intuitive, I inspire people without even trying, and I’m really inventive and creative. Wow, now that I’m hooked and loved my free
reading, numerologist now goes ahead and offers me a much deeper reading that, of course,
requires me to pay. It’s a very smart funnel and every time you
send someone through it, you get a commission rate of 65% on the sales. So let’s say you’ve sold a customer their
zodiac necklace and gotten their email address and had them sign up to your store newsletter. So what do you do? As part of your store newsletter, you send
out an email saying, “Hey, I found this great free site that does destiny reading based
upon your date of birth. Mine was scarily accurate. Here, click on this link and get your own
free destiny reading.” But, of course, that link is an affiliate
link so you get 65% commissions anytime someone goes on to purchase a customized reading. And you know what, unlike dropshipping, you
don’t have to deal with ordering the item for the customer and dealing with customer
support. Instead, you just get free, easy commissions. So don’t just get trapped in the mindset that
you can only sell your customers physical products. You can sell them digital products, too. Now, of course, numerology can be a little
bit of a controversial topic. I highlighted it because of the fact that
it’s got a high-converting offer in the niche. I’m not weighing in upon my opinions on it. But as always, if you’ve got your own opinions
on the subjects, feel free to comment below and let me know what you think. So there you go, those are my three money-making
hacks that you can use to increase your profits and sales in your AliExpress dropshipping
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