– [Narrator] Every new parents
knows the debilitating fear that overcomes you the first night you bring your first newborn
home from the hospital. The same question enters all of our minds. So what do we do now? Eventually the fear fades and we find our footing as parents. It’s a natural progression. Parents of young families
regularly face new experiences that raise predictable questions. That is what grandparents
and friends are for. A kind ear that can provide
easy answers and experience. However, there are some
questions and, more importantly, critical answers that
parents of young families need to go beyond the sage
advice of grandparents and seek out an attorney. For that hard question and discussion that parents don’t want
to entertain, what if? What if something happens and our children are left without us? Who will raise our minor children? How can we guarantee that
both sides of the family will still be involved
in the children’s lives? How can we ensure that they
can still go to college? How do we prevent them from wasting the money we have left them? How will they ever know our story? “What If” was written by
estate planning attorney, Jamie Johnson, to help young families work through these horrible,
but necessary, questions. Together, we will develop
a plan to provide you with peace of mind that your
children will be protected and loved should the unthinkable happen. Click the link below or call Jamie at 703-670-0761 to request a free copy of “What If” to help you and your spouse
create the legal protection your family needs and deserves.