– Hello, it’s Simon Zutshi here, and in this video I want to share
with you some hints and tips about how important it is
to get the right environment to help you achieve the success you want to achieve in your life. So, right now I’m out in the French Alps. I’m in Meribel, I’m on a ski trip. I’m standing in the pool, it’s quite cold, but a heated pool, luckily. I’m just chilling out after a day skiing, we’ve also got a pool, jacuzzi, and
steam room over here, as well. And I’m on a trip with three friends, it’s a trip four of us
come on every single year and they’re a group of property
investors, business owners. And as well as coming and
having a really good laugh and enjoying some food
and wine, etc. we always end up talking about property and business on the ski lifts, and sharing what we’re doing
and updating each other. And in fact, it’s like a
little mastermind group. Now, there are a couple
of benefits to this and something I want to explain
in this particular video. First of all, I think it’s
really important to recognise that you need to make sure
you’re putting yourself into the right environment. You don’t want to be the
smartest person in the room. We’ve all got different business
and property experiences, we help and share each other
and explain what we’re doing. So, that’s the first thing. Secondly, I’m not the best skier, I mean, I’ve been skiing
for quite a long time, but actually the others
are all better than me. And by putting myself in an environment where people are better than me, my skiing has improved
because I’ve been stretched. So, something I want you to think about is how can you stretch yourself? How can you get better people around you to pull you up to a higher level? And the other thing is you
want to get people around you and take advice from people
who know what they’re doing. Very often, unfortunately, people want to invest in property
and they listen to family and friends around them who might say, oh, I’m not sure property
is a really good thing for you to do, it’s very risky. And they’re right, it is risky. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose money by
investing in property. However, what you want to do is
make sure you listen to people who know what they’re doing, who’ve been there before,
who’ve made the mistakes, so you don’t have to make those mistakes. Really important to understand that. So, if you have family and friends, particularly at Christmas, when you’re telling people
what you want to achieve in property and they’re saying, oh, I’m not sure if you
really should be doing that, well, just ask yourself, are they a property multi-millionaire? And if they’re not, they’re probably not the best people for you to be listening
to and taking advice from. You want to listen to people who know what they’re talking about and can help you be successful. Be very careful that you
don’t allow other people to steal your dreams and take away the desire of
what you want to achieve. It’s really important to understand that. So, I guess my final point here is, just make sure you get the
positive people around you. This is one of the reasons people join my Property Mastermind Programme. Sometimes, we have people who
are completely new to property and some people who have already
got some experience already and are pretty successful, and they want to step up to the next level and want to get into that
environment of people who are going to support them
and hold them to account. And what I wanted to mention is that in January we’re going to
be doing a scholarship. Each year we give away one place on our year-long Property
Mastermind Programme. In 2020, the investment to do Mastermind is £20,000 plus VAT. People pay that because of
the life-changing results we help people get. However, one person is going to win a place completely free of charge. So, look out for the emails from us. If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll get notification of that. There’s a process to go through, we want to make sure we give it to the most deserving person. So, that’s all from me, I’m going to go and jump in the sauna now. But I wish you a really happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I look forward to seeing you in 2020, which I believe is going to
be an incredible time for us to do really well in property. So, I look forward to seeing you then. Invest with Knowledge, Invest with Skill.