What is Wealth? I don’t want to waste your time,
I don’t want to waste your listening I’ll give you the last word on abundance
please understand wealth, money, abundance even though all these words look like they are same or synonymous, it is not
please understand money is directly controlled, manipulated, by few people who keep that concept alive when, brilliantly, intelligently, few people play with your greed and sell you some concepts and make you work for those ideas, that is money money is not abundance
I am not saying for abundance money is not required but I am saying, money itself is not abundance, please understand abundance is overflowing ecstasy, confidence in you that you can exist, your existence is joyful, blissful for you and the people around you please understand it may be looking very mystical, I’ll explain step by step but today I wanted to give you the last word on abundance no beating around the bush last word on abundance, listen even that word has a nice meaning – abundance bund means bank, abund means without bank, dance: jumping without bank jumping without a bund – abundance see a overflowing excitement, intensity, about your existence is wealth understand, overflowing abundance about your existence which expresses as your health as the confidence to make whatever you want as a strength to manifest everything you need and not attacked, disturbed, destroyed by the so called social impossibilities put on you please listen: society puts impossibilities on your head so that you can lose the idea you can lose the purpose, you can lose the goal of your existence please understand, man who remembers his purpose and goal can never be manipulated or controlled he will always be living in abundance if you want to enslave somebody, first thing is you have to make him forget his goal yesterday we were having an ashramites meeting, I was telling the man who remembers his goal, is the wealthiest man in the world he is the most wealthiest man! because, continuous remembrance will create the ability to manifest some of the basic truths about abundance need to be internalised, please understand the real abundance is: awakened feeling, that is the essence experience, awakened feeling physically, mentally, in the muscle-memory level, bio-memory level and bio-energy level, experiencing awakening is abundance