[MUSIC PLAYING] I was interested in studying
accounting and finance at the business school because
I’d done related of A-levels, doing business and economics. And that is really
where my strengths were. But also, it’s being to
the undergraduate team. Learning about the modules,
how they were structured, I knew that it would
be really interesting. The first year, you
have compulsory modules. And looking back,
I really see why, because it makes
you so well-rounded, especially if
you’re not sure what you want to do career-wise. However, then going forward,
you can tailor massively. You’ve got a vast array of
options in the business school. And then there are also
loads of unusual options. So whether it’s economics
of psychology or even I’m doing a language
this year, you can really try and
pursue your degree in whatever way you like. I think Warwick campus must
be one of the best places to be in first year. Everything is in such
a nice contained area, but it’s not too tightly packed. I think it’s a great place to
almost be like a mini village. And you’re going to bump
into people every day. You’ve got all the necessary
shops and amenities you need. And the other thing
which really impresses me is the constant
development going on. Every year, new
accommodation is being built. We’ve got a new sports
center being built. It’s always being renovated. And so it gives you
some amazing facilities. The careers team
have been fantastic, anything from going
through video interviews. We’ve got a software
which goes over your CV and gives you a score. They will take you right
from the beginning stage straight to the end on how
to get through every process. Having that step-by-step
support really helps you go from
application on day one to maybe getting the internship
and perhaps even getting a job. I got an internship this summer
at JP Morgan on their trading floor. And I got that from doing
actually previous internships at different banks. And it’s mainly been because of
the opportunities at Warwick. And it has been like
building blocks, from having networking
events to then getting insight days to then
getting a summer internship. And now I’m in the fortunate
position where I’ve got a job. So they really do
build on each section. And I think making the most
of that is just the best thing you can do. I’m glad I’ve done
accounting and finance at Warwick Business School
because it’s fully prepared me for the working world, and it’s
helped me get my dream career. University’s provided me
with incredible experience, and the opportunities are
just like nowhere else. So now, I’m just trying to make
the most of every single day before I graduate.