In this video I’m going to show you how
to select the Gutenberg editor for your WordPress website that you have through
wealthy affiliates. Gutenberg changes the functionality of your content editor and for some of you it’s not going to be necessary. Let me show you how simple this is. For some of you, you’re just going be able to go into
create a new article and maybe you’ll choose a writing template which I really
like these these are cool so this might be your standard template and it kind of
gives you some basics for put your title here and then it’s gonna have your topic
your topic a topic these are pretty simple Now within here and I’m going to show you how to use this editor you’re going to
be able to make heading tags you’re gonna be able to make paragraphs bold
italic underline you’re gonna be able to align your text you can add links you
can make bullet points you can add a line in between you can add an image and
you can do your spell check but they have not given us the ability to access
the HTML on this content editor the goal of this editor is stupid simple and if
this is how you like to create and write you are perfect right here and don’t
need anything above and beyond that but if you’re more advanced and you like to
add colors and functionality and and play with calls to action and buttons
and different things like that you’re gonna want Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the newest WordPress theme and Gutenberg is functioning with content blocks I should say that you already
have it but you need to activate it so if we go over here to your dashboard so
from here you’re in your wealthy affiliate dashboard go down here to
websites over here you’re gonna log in to your website so this is logging you
in to the back end of your WordPress website we’re gonna click on the dash
here and we’re going to go down to settings. Once you’re in settings go down
to writing and change the default editor for all users to the block editor and
hit save changes Now when we go to create a new post we’re going to be able to see our
content blocks are here instead of just a plain text now I will be teaching you
how to use Guttenberg and I am just a lover of the editor and of Guttenberg
so you’ll find lots of my trainings on my youtube channel and I’ll be showing you how to use it all here. If you just want to create plain content just go over here to my recent content
click the little plus sign or to add your first one create from a writing
template or you can go to start a new page, create new, start a blank document
and you can just start creating here so if you want stupid simple which is not
meant as an insult that’s a saying that we have for keeping things very basic
you just use it here if you want to get fancy schmancy like I do
you’re gonna want Gutenberg so you have to go in and able those content blocks
so that you’re able to do all the special things. Stay along, follow along
with me as I teach you how to use your wealthy affiliate website and all the
fantastic things we can do with our niche website to earn additional income
potentially your 7th Stream.