CHIENG: Andrew Yang dropped out of the 2020 presidential race,
and I’m a little sad about it. Last year, I met him in person, and there was just something
about the guy that made me trust him. Not to mention, I really wanted that free money
he was promising. Every American adult
at the age of 18 should get $1,000 a month
free and clear from the government
to do whatever they want. CHIENG:
Making it rain! It’s called “UBI,”
or “Universal Basic Income.” And although the dream died
with Yang’s campaign, a few lucky families did get
a thousand dollars a month for a year as a test program, like the Fassi family
of New Hampshire. Uh, basically, he gave us
a check for $1,000 a month from January
until December 2019. We went
to his New Year’s Eve party, and so that’s how we got
our first check was at midnight. -He wrote a check and gave it
to you physically? -Yeah. And then after probably
three months, he was getting really busy. -He forgot about us.
-He forgot about us. What? He didn’t…
he didn’t pay on time? -Yeah.
-Yeah, it was very odd, sending out a message like,
“Hey, you owe us money.” So you guys were like, “Hey,
asshole, where’s my free money?” We said it much…
much nicer than that. Oh. “Hey, asshole,
where’s my free money?” (laughing):
Basically. CHIENG: So how hard
did Chuck and Jodie ball out with that $12,000? Did you buy a Tesla,
buy a snowmobile, buy a Tesla snowmobile? No, we spent 90% of it on
our daughter’s college tuition. College tuition.
I guess that’s pretty good. Uh, what else? Spent a little bit on groceries,
buying some healthier choices. Kombucha and some, uh,
soy yogurt. Isn’t yogurt
and kombucha for shitting? -Um…
-Digestion. It’s for digestion. So now that the money stopped, you must be pretty backed up,
right? (laughter) CHIENG: But luckily
for Chuck’s colon, he was so inspired
by his UBI experience that he learned
how to brew his own kombucha. And it is potent. Cheers. What is it? It’s a big blob of bacteria
that’s been sitting in some fermented tea in my
bathroom for about six weeks. CHIENG:
Bathroom juice aside, these people spent their UBI
on college, groceries and paying bills. What a bunch of idiots. It’s like they don’t even know
what flexing means. You guys could be in head to toe
supreme right now. Do you know what supreme is? -No.
-No. (bleep) That’s how you flex
to your neighbors and make them jealous. That’s what money’s for. Okay, Chuck? Okay, Jodie? But believe it or not,
falling out is the last thing on most Americans’ minds. Half of American adults say
they can’t even cover an unexpected $400 expense. Clearly, if you give people
a thousand dollars a month, they would spend it
on necessities– with a few exceptions. What else did you buy? -Um, I took improv classes.
-Chuckie joined… So I’ve been doing that
for the last… eight months. You took improv classes? Yeah. Mindful Improv classes. What the (bleep) does that mean? It means we do
self-appreciations, -we do vulnerabilities…
-(disgusted groan) Um, it’s taught
by a yoga teacher. (groans)
Oh, my God. Andrew Yang may be out
of the presidential race but his ideas live on, and Americans deserve a shot
at universal basic income. Well, maybe not all Americans. How you doing? -Hello.
-Oh, I lost my hand! I hate improv. ♪ ♪